MINUTES June 8, 2015

East Central Solid Waste Commission

Commission’s Office – Mora, MN


June 8, 2015

The regular meeting of the East Central Solid Waste Commission was held on June 8, 2015 at the Commission Office, Mora, MN. Commissioner Greene called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Members present at the meeting included: Chisago County Commissioner Richard Greene, Kanabec County Commissioner Dennis McNally, Pine County Commissioner Steve Hallan, Isanti County Commissioner Dave Oslund and Mille Lacs County Commissioner Phil Peterson.

Advisory member present – Executive Director Janelle Troupe.

Others also present at the meeting included: Bruce Rehwaldt of Foth Companies, Gene Kramer and Dick Roesler of Arthur Township, and Barbara Wilder, Recording Secretary.


All present said the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioner Oslund moved to approve the amended Agenda, second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

Director Troupe added: Internet and Four Wheelers.

Commissioner Hallan added: Household hazardous waste.


Commissioner McNally inquired as to why the Recording Secretary’s name is not included on the: Others also present in the minutes. Director Troupe responded that going forward her name would be included.

Commissioner Peterson moved to approve the amended Meeting Minutes May 11, 2015, second by Commissioner McNally, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Director Troupe requested permission to pay the additional bills that were received after the checks were issued.

Commissioner McNally requested clarification about Nuss, how come they are on the Claims and Additional Claims, Purple Pumper for Hinckley and his reimbursement for the special meeting.

Commissioner McNally moved to approve the Claims List, Paid Claims List, and the Additional Claims List, second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor of paying the Claims List ($312,905.58), Paid Claims List ($474,015.85), the Additional Claims List ($11,877.15), and the bills received after the checks were issued ($2,385.19), all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Director Troupe reported that the engine is available in Roseville to inspect. She and Commissioner Greene will set up a time to go inspect it.

Commissioner McNally inquired about the extended warranty on the Bomag.


Mr. Gene Kramer introduced himself and informed the Board that he will be attending meetings regularly since he is on the Arthur Township Planning Commission.


Director Troupe reported for the month ended April 30, 2015 ECSWC realized a net income on an accrual basis of $59,045.50. On a cash flow basis for April there is a decrease in cash of $238,276.09; year to date cash has increased $55,035.69. Un-obligated cash less upcoming cash outlays at the end of the month was $1,402,646.09.

Reserve accounts are set aside for landfill expansion, hauler rebate, operating contingency, and host facility fund in the amount of $3,992,039.38.

.There is an increase in tonnage of 584.41 tons from 2014 or 1.7%.

Commissioner McNally asked if the increase in tonnage was due in part to the demolition going into the landfill. Director Troupe responded that the increase prior to that was much more, so probably not.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the April 2015 Financial Statement, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Director Troupe reported that she would like to change the Personal Policy to read:

Newly eligible employees have a 30-day waiting period before coverage becomes effective. Coverage is effective the first of the month following the waiting period.

Commissioner Peterson moved to approve the Policy Change, second by Commissioner McNally, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Public Meeting

Director Troupe reported that MPCA decided that a public meeting for the landfill and land application site was not necessary because Phase 2 of the land application site was part of the public meeting information back in 2010. The permit was received last week in the mail.

Solid Waste Management Plan

Director Troupe reported that Friday afternoon she did receive the comments concerning all of the items that need to be corrected. She will begin working on it this afternoon.


Director Troupe requested reimbursement for her personal Internet that she has had to use because You Bet Net is too slow.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve reimbursing Director Troupe $30.00 per month, second by Commissioner Oslund, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

Household Hazardous Waste

Commissioner Hallan inquired if there was a more efficient way to collect Household Hazardous Waste.

Mr. Gene Kramer responded that the reason the Haulers do not want to take it is because as soon as they take it, it is no longer a household hazardous waste.

Mr. Bruce Rehwaldt suggested doing a survey.

Director Troupe will discuss with ECSWC Regional Program Manager Paul Dennison from Chisago County since he attends all the HHW meetings and would be able to provide us with information.

Four – Wheelers

Director Troupe reported that there are four – wheelers available for anyone who would like to tour the landfill after the meeting today.


Mr. Dick Roesler inquired about what is done each year with the amount of money that the Commission has and are the insurance policies reviewed, what the cost of the expansion contract and why are the equipment repairs so much?

Director Troupe responded the Commission is regulated by the State of Minnesota. They do an audit every year and in order to deposit money, it has to be insured for 110% of what the deposit is and then the Board of the bank has to pass a resolution and set aside stocks. The list of stocks is then sent.

Mr. Roesler asked if this Board reviews that list. Director Troupe responded that the Board reviews the annual audit.

Director Troupe responded that the landfill expansion is $2,400,000 and that extensive repairs were made to the off road truck and the other expenses are for regular maintenance for equipment.

Mr. Roesler inquired also about the overtime. Director Troupe responded that whenever the Commission is open on a holiday, employees get overtime.

Commissioner McNally asked why Kanabec County was at the landfill building roads. Director Troupe responded that they were hired to gravel.


The July Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 13, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at the Commission offices.


Chairman Greene asked for a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Peterson moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 a.m., second by Commissioner Oslund, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Wilder,

Recording Secretary

Posted in Minutes.