October 9, 2023 Meeting Minutes

East Central Solid Waste Commission

Commission’s Office, Mora, MN


October 9, 2023

The regular meeting of the East Central Solid Waste Commission was held on October 9, 2023 at East Central Solid Waste Commission Main Office, Mora, MN.  Chairman Greene called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

Members present at the meeting included:  Chisago County Commissioner Richard Greene, Isanti County Commissioner Bill Berg, Kanabec County Commissioner Alison Holland, Mille Lacs County Commissioner Phil Peterson and Pine County Commissioner Steve Hallan.

Advisory Member Present – Executive Director Janelle Troupe.

Others present at the meeting included:  Assistant Director John Kellas, ECSWC, Cami Van Able, Foth, Bruce Rehwaldt, Foth, Tracy Emerson, ECSWC.


All present said the Pledge of Allegiance


Additions to the agenda: Claims to be paid before the next meeting, RTL Equipment – Rental of Screener for screening our dirt, $7,500 or more if we extend the rental, Core & Main – piping and fittings for landfill, $3,400, Hydraulic Specialty, truck repair $702.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the agenda and additions to the agenda second by Commissioner Holland, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Commissioner Peterson moved to approve the Meeting Minutes September 11, 2023 second by Commissioner Berg, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the Claims List, Paid Claims List, the Additional Claims List, second by Commissioner Holland all in favor of paying the Claims List 56 items ($257,778.50), the additional claims 11 items ($15,291.90), the Paid Claims List 7 items ($34,951.89), Payroll 12 items ($161,324.06), all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


For month ended August 31, 2023 the ECSWC realized a net income on an accrual basis of $311,596.  On a cash flow basis for the month of August there is an increase in cash of $317,545.  Un-obligated cash less upcoming cash outlays at the end of the month was $1,912,548.

Reserve accounts for landfill expansion, hauler rebate, operating contingency and host facility fund total $9,552,647.  Funds were added to Landfill Expansion Fund due to Engineer’s estimate.

Commissioner Berg moved to approve the August 31, 2023 Financial Statements second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

CON Request

A new CON request letter is going out to get the approval for an increase in CON since they have extended our due date to 2029 instead of 2025.  Asking board to approve sending the letter of request.

Commissioner Holland moved to approve sending the letter of request to increase the CON, second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

Kanabec County Road Use Resolution

Resolution 1-23

The county has advised East Central Solid Waste Commission that County Road 12 and County Road 2 can be used as travel roads to and from the landfill in times of heavy traffic or road closures on State Highways 23 or 65

Commissioner Holland moved to approve Resolution 1-23, second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

­2024 Draft Budget

Review of 2024 Budget for approval at November Meeting.

The 2024 Budget is based on 110,000 tons MSW being delivered to ECSWC sites.

For wages, we have used a 3.0 percent cost of living with 3 percent steps for the 2024 Table.

Health insurance is decreasing this year so the final budget will reflect those costs

The landfill expansion is estimated at $5 million.  We will be purchasing a Walking Floor Trailer that was budgeted last year and a tanker that was approved by Board this year but not purchased yet.  Our alternative cover sprayer should be replaced.  The side-by-side needs to be replaced.

Property in Cambridge next to the transfer station is now available for our use, and is not in the budget, but we need to start figuring out what we are using it for and get the plans in place.


Stolen Trailer

The flatbed equipment trailer was stolen out of the hangar building.  This was reported to Kanabec County Sheriff and an insurance claim filed.

Building Repairs

The building repairs from the snow load claim will be completed in November.  This is the building that we are currently using for equipment repairs.  We are planning to purchase a truck lift to install in this building at a cost of up to $45,000 as part of the building retrofit.  We have plans for concrete work and entrance door repair to be done yet this year.  We are investigating heating options like infra-red.


The 2023 budget includes an overhaul of a loader or a new loader for Cambridge Transfer Station.  Looking for permission to go with low best quote with Board understanding that it will be more than the $150,000 budgeted and will be a new loader.  New loader is around $220,000 with waste additions.  Commissioner Peterson requested Mr. Kellas get bids from Komatsu dealer and Case as well as CAT, John Deere and Volvo.  Mr. Kellas stated he would get quotes from those dealers as well.

The quotes we have received need to be accepted and purchased by November 2023 as government contracts expire.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the purchase of a new loader with Chairman Greene’s blessing, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (5-0)


The November Meeting is scheduled for Monday November 13, 2023 at 9:00 am at the ECSWC main office in Mora.


Chairman Greene asked for a motion to adjourn.  Commissioner Holland moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 am second by Commissioner Berg all in favor, motion carried (5-0).

Respectfully Submitted,

Tracy Emerson, Recording Secretary

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