November 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes

East Central Solid Waste Commission
Commission’s Office – Mora, MN
November 9, 2020

The regular meeting of the East Central Solid Waste Commission was held on October November 9,2020 at Kanabec County Courthouse basement meeting rooms 3&4. Vice Chairman McNally called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

Members present at the meeting included: Isanti County Commissioner Dave Oslund, Kanabec County Commissioner Dennis McNally, Mille Lacs County Commissioner Phil Peterson and Pine County Commissioner Steven Hallan. Chairman Greene was absent.

Advisory Member Present – Executive Director Janelle Troupe.

Others also present included: Bruce Rehwaldt of Foth Companies, Gene Kramer of Arthur Township, Heidi Kroening and Dave Benke, MPCA staff.


All present said the Pledge of Allegiance.


Director Troupe added two items to claims list: Nuss – 1,944.68 and MN Valley Testing – 1,614.80.
Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the Agenda with additions, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (4-0).


Commissioner Oslund moved to approve the Meeting Minutes October 12, 2020 second by Commissioner Hallan, Vice-Chairman McNally corrected date of MPCA inspection, all in favor with correction, motion carried (4-0).


Commissioner Oslund moved to approve the Claims List, Paid Claims List, and the Additional Claims List, second by Commissioner Peterson. All in favor of paying the Claims List 46 items, ($1,132,156.58), the Paid Claims List 5 items, ($15,368.12), Hauler Rebate List, (126,670.98) and the Additional Claims 15 items ($20,196.88), VISA 30 items ($4,258.19) and Payroll Account 12 items ($105,416.35), motion carried (4-0).


Director Troupe reported that last meeting the decision was made to not accept deer carcasses. Heidi Kroening and David Benke from the MPCA are here to discuss this topic.
Mr. Benke commented that there was assumption that East Central Solid Waste would manage deer carcasses the way it was done in the past. Businesses are having a hard time finding an alternative disposal option. Ms. Kroening commented that because of Chronic Wasting Disease, it would be better if we manage this in the landfill than to just leave it in the field. There is concern with spreading of CWD.

Commissioner Peterson commented that the landfill should not be responsible to the DNR. Commissioner Hallan commented that he would rather have them come to the landfill instead of his neighbor’s farm. He thinks the landfill is more capable of handling it than individuals.

Mr. Benke commented that the DNR is working in areas where CWD has been found in the wild by doing testing. DNR has taken this more seriously.

Commissioner McNally commented that the DNR sells the license, reap the profits. There is additional cost to handling those carcasses. He would not vote for anything that didn’t include a substantial charge.

Commissioner Hallan stated that if we are going to charge more, do it next year. He felt it was our responsibility to manage deer carcasses, tons of people that pay for land to have hunting property, they spend a lot of money in our county.

Commissioner Oslund stated that the generator is responsible and we should charge more for that load.

Vice-Chairman McNally stated that Kanabec is a clean county, he does not wish to promote something coming over from another county.

Commissioner Hallan moved to accept deer carcasses, just like in the past, second by Commissioner Oslund, Commissioner Oslund amended to include with talks by next summer with others about what we do next year, Commissioner Hallan stated that was what he hoped we would do, is come to a conclusion by early next summer as to what we are going to do with deer carcasses, far before bow season, All in favor, McNally voted no, motion passed (3-1).

Director Troupe asked if we were going to ask those processors to come directly to Mora. Chairman McNally stated that we will discuss that next summer. This year is not in the motion, the motion was amended to next year. Commissioner Oslund and Commissioner Hallan stated that we will take them this year and also talk next year. Commissioner Peterson stated that it is the Executive Director’s decision to decide if they are to be delivered directly to landfill.

Vice Chairman McNally stepped down, Commissioner Peterson took over as Chairman, Commissioner McNally moved that if deer carcasses are going to be accepted this year, there is an additional $10 charge per carcass to cover the cost of covering it, there was no second, motion dies. Commissioner Peterson passed Chairman position back to Commissioner McNally.


There were no public comments.


Director Troupe reported for the month ended September 30, 2020 ECSWC realized a net income on an accrual basis of $157,273. On a cash flow basis for the month of September there is an increase in cash of $208,897.

Director Troupe commented that the tonnage was up again in October and up for the year- to- date 96,446 tons.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the October 2020 Financial Statement, second by Commissioner Oslund, all in favor, motion carried (4-0).

Cambridge Land Lease – Olson

Director Troupe reported that in December 2018, the land next to the transfer station was purchased from Kenneth Olson. He has a lease to continue his concrete and asphalt recycling business. He was contemplating ending his lease but since this Board Packet was sent out, he has changed his mind. We should continue to prepare for taking this over if that is our intention. MCIT has been contacted and provided some guidance and the MPCA directed me to the guidance in the website. I am not sure if we would need an air permit, some concrete recyclers do have one but they are probably larger.

Commissioner Oslund stated that Mr. Olson wants to be assured that we will purchase his product that is left there when he decides to be done covering his cost of recycling.

Ms. Kroening commented that she would assist with providing direction on permitting when the Board makes a decision to do that activity.


Director Troupe introduced the Draft 2021 Budget showing income in the amount of $6,777,700 and expenses $6,376,926 with the end result an accrual Net Income of $400,774. Since the last draft, Tire Income was increased, Employee Safety was corrected, one more Heavy Equipment Operator position was added, Mattress Recycling costs were lowered, and Equipment Repairs were lowered by $25,000,

Health insurance rates are increasing 9.8 percent for 2021. The increase is $50.64 for single and $135.16 for family. 2021 wages have been prepared with a 2.5% increase from last year’s pay scale.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the 2021 Budget, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (4-0).


2019 Audit

The Opinion Date on the Audit was October 22, 2020 and all Board members should be receiving a copy of the 2019 Audit shortly.

MPCA Landfill Compliance Inspection

Director Troupe reported that Commissioner McNally, Gerrald Nohner, and herself had attended the inspection with Connor Hegrenes and Scott Parr, MPCA staff. It was a very windy day so there was a comment about the garbage blowing. Staff usually waits for Gerrald or Janelle to make the call to go inside the building.

Transfer Station Permits

Director Troupe reported that the Transfer Station Permits expired in 2019. The Hinckley permit is close to approval. She did question the need to have appliances under cover. Lyndon Stegemen our Certified Landfill Operator at Hinckley was in attendance during an inspection and was asked about the appliances.

Ms. Kroening from the MPCA commented that East Central is not required to have appliances under cover.

Director Troupe reported that she does have MPCA approval in writing for permitted capacity of 80,000 tons at Cambridge Transfer Station for.


Gene Kramer commented that staff on the landfill should make the call about if it is windy and operations should go inside. He also commented that MPCA staff should not talk to anyone but management.


Chairman McNally stated the November Meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. Director Troupe stated that the next meeting will be at Kanabec County Sheriff’s Meeting Room.


Chairman McNally asked for a motion to adjourn at 10:35 AM, Commissioner Oslund moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor, motion carried (4-0).

Respectfully submitted,

Janelle Troupe, Executive Director

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