East Central Solid Waste Commission Rate Schedule 2023

Material Rate Unit
(SF) Scale Fee – Resident $15.00 each

Mixed Solid Waste

Resident/Private Customer/Business

$70.25+ SF Ton

Non-Contract Commercial Hauler

$70.25 Ton
Uncovered Loads – Commercial $25.00 per load
Uncovered Loads – Residential $10.00 per load

Demolition Landfill

By the Yard – Mora Only

$12.60 yard

Appliances Added Charge

Ammonia/Gas Operated Refrigeration $75.00 each
Appliances $10.00 each
Commercial Air Conditioners $25.00 rated ton

Electronics Added Charge

Cell phones/cords/cabling/mice N/C each
Commercial Copiers $40.00 each
CPU $3.00 each
Electronics – TV’s Console $40.00 each
Electronics – TV’s Portable/Monitor $20.00 each
Electronics – VCR/DVD/Stereo/Typewriter/Docking Sta. $3.00 each
Keyboard Free each
Laptops/ Scanners/Printer/Fax $3.00 each
Wide Screen TV $40.00 each

Tires Added Charge

Tires, Auto (17″ or less) $4.00 each
Tires, Small RV $1.00 each
Tires, Tractor or greater than 22″ $50.00 each
Tires, Truck (18″ to 22″) $14.00 each

Mattresses Added Charge

Mattresses – recycled $20.00 each
Mattresses – not recycled $22.00 each


Contaminated Soil for ADC (Mora only) $30.00 per ton
Asbestos-Mora only (Min. = $40.00) $80.00 per ton
Brush – Pickup/2 Wheels-Cambridge $5.00 load
Brush – Pickup/4 Wheels-Cambridge $10.00 load

All rates and fees are subject to applicable taxes. Demolition loads (over 50% demo)that are brought into Cambridge or Hinckley Transfer Station will be charged at $100 per ton.

**Concealed special wastes will be charged the following penalties in addition to the above fees:

Electronics/Tires…….$50 each       Appliances…….$100 each

**All loads that are not covered, tarped or secured in bags or cans with lids are subject to the Uncovered Load fee in addition to the regular material fees listed above.

Checks accepted only for the amount of invoice.  Proper I.D. Required.
ECSWC accepts checks made payable to: East Central Solid Waste Commission.
The ECSWC does not accept credit or debit cards.