May 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

East Central Solid Waste Commission

Commission’s Office – Mora, MN


May 11, 2020


The regular meeting of the East Central Solid Waste Commission was held on May 11, 2020 at the Commission Office, Mora, MN.  Chairman Greene called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Members present at the meeting included:  Chisago County Commissioner Richard Greene, Isanti County Commissioner Dave Oslund, Kanabec County Commissioner Dennis McNally and Mille Lacs County Commissioner Phil Peterson. Pine County Commissioner Steven Hallan was present via Facetime.


Advisory Member Present – Executive Director Janelle Troupe.


Others also present included: Bruce Rehwaldt of Foth Companies, Gene Kramer of Arthur Township.



All present said the Pledge of Allegiance.



Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the Agenda, second by Commissioner Oslund, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).




Commissioner Peterson moved to approve the Meeting Minutes April 13, 2020 second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Commissioner Oslund moved to approve the Claims List, Paid Claims List, and the Additional Claims List, second by Commissioner Peterson, all in favor of paying the Claims List 41 items, ($231,310.60), the Paid Claims List 6 items,($150,171.26), Hauler Rebate List and the Additional Claims -12 items ($42,465.03),VISA 19 items (2,166.96) and Payroll Account 16 items ($133,209.26), all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Bruce Rehwaldt, commented that he had talked to Barry, LFG Technologies, about the flare problems and that Barry had committed to coming to address the issue but did not tell him when that would happen.  There is a software issue and it needs to be reprogrammed.


Director Troupe reported for the month ended February 29, 2020 ECSWC realized a net income on an accrual basis of $79,144. On a cash flow basis for the month of March there is an increase in cash of $48,091 because of capital purchases of Cambridge maintenance building and the Hinckley scale. Un-obligated cash less upcoming cash outlays at the end of the month was $3,678,445.89.

Executive Director Troupe stated that even with being closed on Saturdays, our tonnage was close to the previous year.  Commissioner Peterson suggested that maybe there is not a need to be open on Saturdays, Director Troupe stated that she did feel we needed to be open Saturdays but we should look at being closed on holiday weekend Saturdays like Memorial, July 4, Labor Day.  Commissioner Hallan commented about the need to have a plan prior to making decisions like this.  Commissioner McNally stated that he was against being closed any Saturdays. Director Troupe will bring back a plan showing any Saturdays that would possibly be closed in the next year.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the March 2020 Financial Statement, second by Commissioner McNally, all in favor, motion carried (4-0).


 Landfill Fire

Director Troupe reported that there was a fire on the landfill on April 26th and it had re-ignited on April 27th.  The fire did get in the trenches that had pipe and tire chips in.  She stated that future construction projects will have glass or rock in as a wall between the tire chips.  Commissioner McNally asked if the landfill has a permit to use tire chips as required by Kanabec County.  Director Troupe stated that tire chips are the normal practice in landfills and part of the permit with the MPCA.  Gene Kramer from Arthur Township commented that tire chips were used already 16 years ago at the landfill.  Director Troupe stated that the landfill does not have a permit with Kanabec County for using tires.

Garbage Volume

Director Troupe commented that there is a lot of garbage coming in.  Hinckley scale was completed on April 27, 2020 and Cambridge Scale construction is being started today. 


 The June Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. at the Commission offices.


Chairman Greene asked for a motion to adjourn at 9:45 AM, Commissioner Peterson moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Commissioner Oslund, all in favor, motion carried (5-0).


Respectfully submitted,


Janelle Troupe, Executive Director

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