July 11, 2022 Minutes

East Central Solid Waste Commission
Commission’s Office, Mora MN
July 11, 2022

The regular meeting of the East Central Solid Waste Commission was held on July 11, 2022 at East Central Solid Waste Commission Main Office, Mora, MN. Chairman Greene called the meeting to order at 9:00am.

Members present at the meeting included: Chisago County Commissioner Richard Greene, Isanti County Commissioner Dave Oslund, Kanabec County Commissioner Dennis McNally, Mille Lacs County Commissioner Phil Peterson, and Pine County Commissioner Steve Hallan.

Advisory Member Present – Executive Director Janelle Troupe.

Others also present at the meeting included: Bruce Rehwaldt from Foth, Cami Van Abel from Foth, Gene Kramer from Arthur Township, Tracy Emerson from ECSWC, Gerrald Nohner from ECSWC, John Kellas from ECSWC, Dick Roesler from Arthur Township.


All present said the Pledge of Allegiance


Additions to Agenda – Director Troupe has additional claims that needed to be approved, John Kellas moving expense, Foth June bill. Additions to the Executive Director Report, Landfill Permit Application and Equipment Hauling.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approved the Agenda and the additions, second by Commissioner Peterson, All in favor, motion carried (5-0)


Commissioner Oslund moved to approve the Meeting Minutes June 13, 2022 second by Commissioner Hallan all in favor, motion carried (5-0)


Commissioner McNally noted the Kanabec County check was incorrect. An additional check will be written to correct the error.

Commissioner McNally moved to approve the Claims List, Paid Claims List, the Additional Claims List, second by Commissioner Oslund all in favor of paying the Claims List 38 items ($177,202.68), the additional claims 11 items ($10,597.48), the Paid Claims List 11 items ($20,130.69), Payroll 13 items ($139,030.15), all in favor, motion carried (5-0)


Director Troupe reported for the month ended May 31, 2022 ECSWC realized a net income on an accrual basis of $215,233.63. On a cash flow basis, for the month of May, there is an increase in cash of $234,331.19. Un-obligated cash less upcoming cash outlays at the end of the month was $4,488,649.56.

Reserve accounts for landfill expansion, hauler rebate, operating contingency, closure fund, and host facility fund total $5,972,262.50. MSW tonnage for June is the highest June we have ever had.

Commissioner Hallan moved to approve the May 2022 Financial Statement, second by Commissioner Oslund all in favor, motion carried (5-0)
MPCA Inspection

Director Troupe reported that the MPCA did an inspection of the landfill last week. They brought many staff members to this inspection. I had an opportunity to speak with Danielle Drussell, MPCA Planner about our CON. I will need to put together new Goal Volume Tables and get them approved by each County Board. Goal Volume Tables deal with recycling percentages of each county along with population to determine how much garbage each area should be putting in the MSW landfill. If your county is recycling 30%, you should only be landfilling 70%. If you are not recycling at the level in Goal Volume Table, the landfill is going to run out of CON before anticipated. When C&D goes into the landfill the result is running out of CON sooner.

Director Troupe stated that she will be sending out the Goal Volume Tables to the Solid Waste Officers for each county. Please be sure that Officer is reviewing and getting it back for approvals.

Commissioner Hallan commented on needing ideas of how to get people to recycle. If a county is supposed to be at 30% and we are only at 20%, how do we increase it? If it goes by weight, plastic bottles and tin cans weigh nothing compared to MSW. Director Troupe stated the State is wanting more organics composting.

New Licensed Haulers

Director Troupe suggested a discussion of of why we are giving rebates to haulers and if new hauling businesses should be sent a contract upon getting licensed with the county.

Commissioner McNally commented about the demo going as MSW. Who makes the rules? Can we change the rules of when and where the demo comes in and where it comes to? No demo on Saturdays, no demo to transfer stations.

Commissioner Peterson commented to charging larger penalty to people who put MSW into the demo area.

Commissioner McNally requested a meeting with all counties Environmental Service officers to discuss the issue of C&D going to transfer stations and being counted as MSW. Commissioner McNally said we could request the meeting rooms at the court house in Kanabec County.

Director Troupe stated she will contact everyone, find out which board meeting everyone can get together and set it up then.

Equipment hauling

Director Troupe stated we need a low boy trailer to haul our equipment. The loader went down in Hinckley and we had no way to get a loader there to finish off the day. An employee had a friend that was willing to help that has a trailer so we resolved the issue this time. I am asking to purchase a used trailer to be able to haul our equipment ourselves.

Commissioner McNally asked if we had employees capable of doing the hauling.

Director Troupe said yes, Gerrald Nohner and Jon LaFleur both have the capabilities.
Commissioner Hallan motion to approve the purchase of a low boy trailer up to $15,000, second by Commission Peterson, four in favor, one opposed, motion carried (4-1)
Permit Application
Director Troupe stated that we need to do a permit notification for the next phase, renewal of the 2015 permit.
Bruce Rehwaldt from Foth advised it is better to do a modification than a new permit due to needing an Environmental Assessment instead of just a modification.
Director Troupe stated it would be for the top of phase 6 and part of phase 7. She asked Mr. Rehwaldt what needs to be done to get started.
Mr. Rehwaldt stated we just need the ok to get going on it. Some modifications will need to be done on some of the plans, but we are ready to go.
Director Troupe gave the ok to get started.

Dick Roesler asked about the financial statement and what the paint care was about. Also commented on interest rates and asked what causes the over/short category.

Director Troupe said the paint care money is given back to the counties, and the over/short category is mostly drive offs. We now have a way to show in our computer system if they come back, they are flagged so we can tell them they owe this amount before they can dump their garbage.


The August Meeting is scheduled for Monday August 8, 2022 at 9:00 am at the ECSWC Main Office.


Chairman Greene asked for a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Oslund moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:2 0 AM, second by Commissioner Hallan, all in favor, motion carried (5-0)

Respectfully submitted,

Tracy Emerson

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