Heavy Equipment Operator/Driver

East Central Solid Waste Commission has 2 openings:  Heavy Equipment Operator and Driver/Equipment Maintenance.  Work between Mora landfill and transfer stations:  Hinckley, Cambridge.  2021 pay-scale starting wage is $19.80, Class A drivers $21.12.  ECSWC is a government entity, EOE, must be high school graduate or GED.  Complete compensation plan.  www.ecswc.com  Janelletroupe@gmail.com for application or pick up at our sites.

Eligible employees receive pay increase annually on January 1.  Vacation is accrued at 1 week the first year and 2 weeks 2-5 then 3 weeks.  We get 2 personnel days per year and 1 sick day per month.  We are government employees so Public Employees Retirement Compensation is taken out of your check with Employer also paying in.  With PERA, employee is vested in 5 years but if leaving employment sooner, you will get your portion refunded.  High Deductible Health Plan with $254.17 contributed monthly to Health Savings Account by ECSWC.  Insurance for single are covered, and 70% of family costs covered by ECSWC.  We celebrate 9 Holidays plus 2 1/2 day Holidays.

Contact Janelle:  Janelletroupe@gmail.com  or pick up application at any of our sites.  These positions are open until filled.  Posted in Kanabec Times September 23.

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